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What sets Custom Jet Acquisitions apart?

  • Being pilots with years of experience, we are confident that we know what learjet to look for in buying an aircraft.
  • We will research all the airplanes maintenance logs.
  • We will investigate the company where the airplane has been chartering by calling pilots, speaking to maintenance personnel, and speaking to the owners of other airplanes within the company.
  • We will search and find the best possible airplane. We will give personalized service. All of our time will be spent fitting you with an airplane. It is a very time consuming job, so we take limited amount of buyers at a time to give our total attention. We will not settle for anything less than a solid airplane. Our job will be done when you are completely satisfied.
  • We will negotiate the best price because I know market standards.
  • Before making an offer, an LLC custom needs to be started. This will protect you, the owner, from liability.
  • Once we find an airplane worth making an offer on, it will need to go through a “Pre Buy.”
  • The buyer pays for the “pre buy.”  I will find, negotiate, and have your airplane flown to a suitable maintenance facility.
  • We will monitor the inspection in person. Find every issue with the airplane and have it fixed by the seller.
  • All paperwork involved in the transaction of the airplane will be outsourced to a reputable title company.
  • When the airplane is acquired, we will fit the airplane with a reputable charter company.
  • We will arrange cosmetic work for the airplane by finding a reputable business with the best offer on paint, interior, and entertainment.  We will have the aircraft flown to the facility doing the job. We will monitor daily the work being done to the airplane.
  • We will make sure all cosmetics are done to your satisfaction and FAA standards.
  • We will have your airplane photographed. Then, we will design an advertising email to go out to all the charter brokers. This will introduce your airplane to the charter market and increase charter revenue.