Safety is no accident.

Middle Georgia Concrete Constructors, Inc. has a moral and business obligation to provide a safe work safety environment for our employees, subcontractors and the public. It is, therefore, the Company's policy to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and to initiate and maintain appropriate practices that promote safety in the work environment.

Project managers and field supervisory personnel are required to be trained in CPR / First Aid, Excavation / Trenching, Fall Protection, and at a minimum have successfully completed an OSHA 10 hour training. All management and supervisory personnel are charged with the responsibility for planning safety into each work task and for preventing the occurrence of incidents and / or controlling conditions / actions that could lead to occupational injuries or illness. The ultimate success of a safety program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee. Management at the Company assumes the responsibility and is prepared to take the necessary actions to see that safety rules and practices are enforced.

We recently received an updated EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of .81.

The goal of Middle Georgia Concrete Constructors is the total elimination of accidents from our operations.

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