On June 11, Maggie was found lying on the road near death . The woman who found her, Becky, stopped her car thinking the kitten was dead, and was going to move her out of the road. Surprisingly, the kitten kicked her legs and popped her head up. She hadn't been hit! But there was something severely wrong with her. Maggie's collar was way too tight, and she had several open wounds on her body that were infested with maggots. She was also dehydrated and her extremeties were cold.

Maggie is on the way back, but there are still major concerns for her health. Becky and her husband have done all they can to nurse her back to health, including removing the maggots and one large larvae. They have cleaned and dressed her wounds and her condition is improving, but Maggie is in need of veterinary care.

Becky's vet has also been very generous, only charging for the treatments performed, and not for the visit itself. Care for an animal in Maggie's condition can still be costly, so please give what you can to help her. No donation is too small, and they are all appreciated.

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