Challenge: Develop a name, logo and sales materials for the innovative concept of a back pain treatment center with a spa-like atmosphere

Approach: Earthtones are used throughout to give the site and logo a welcoming feel. The swoosh going throught the name is loosely representative of a spine and give the logo a softer look.

Result: RejuvaSpine clinics are operating successfully across the country

The BIG Idea: RejuvaSpine clinics offer highly effective spinal care in an atmosphere more akin to facials and hot stone massages. The combination is a winner and the customer testimonials prove it.

“After years of degenerative disk pain with arthritis and hopeless doctor visits, I was told to accept it as part of growing old – then I found the IDD THERAPY® regimen. I had forgotten what it was like to feel 100%.”
– Anna R.