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You've got a phenomenal product that could change someone's life, or maybe you offer a service that people just couldn't live without... if only they knew about it. You want consumers to know all about you, but you don't quite know how to tell them.

That's where Emphire Design comes in. No matter what stage of the game you're at, Emphire Design can help. From product naming, to logo design, to websites and brochures, you will get the recognition and customers you deserve.

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Andrew Hess // Go-to Guy

I've been in marketing for the last 9 years and I've loved loved every aspect. Being primarily self-taught has strengthened my problem-solving abilities and has driven me to pursuits that would be outside the normal realm for a marketer. I recently became a LEED Accredited Professional and believe that I can contribute when it comes to environmentally conscious building.

I take great enjoyment out of seeing a germ of an idea grow into a full-blown campaign. I'm currently looking to focus my attention on a company that could use the skills of a full-time marketing manager. Please feel free to download my resume below. Please consider the environment before printing.

Andrew Hess' Resume (68 kb)